Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Inspired by and dedicated to my little niece, Eliana.

I just want to give the whole world a hug,
Wrap them in my arms and cling to each person,
Let them know I love them, God loves them, and
We are all one.
I just want to dance in a circle with everyone alive,
Holding hands and spinning around,
Look into everyone's eyes and
Let them know each one is beautiful, perfect, and
Cherished always.
I just want to give each person I meet, and even those I don't,
A flower picked from a newly blooming field,
Remind them they are noticed by me and their Maker,
That they are unique, yes, but also made of the same stuff as everyone else.

But that it's that same stuff that makes me want to
Hug them,
Hold them,
Love them,
Accept them,
Nurture them,
Sing with them,
Shout with them,
Mourn with them,
Frolick with them,
Be with them always.


Jamie said...

i love this. Eliana hurt Gabriella today and was sent to her room to think about what she did. When she came out she said, "Mommy, I knelt down and prayed and asked to be forgiven and for help to do better." This girl of mine has one special spirit and I think your poem captures that.

Jeanette said...

I agree with Jamie. I love the picture at the end too, it carries a great message in an of itself.